WILDFIRE Special Assistance Loan Program

Times have become very tough, very quickly for many members of our EEFCU family. Some have been directly affected by the raging fires burning in our State and throughout the PNW. These affects will range from loss of work hours due to  poor air quality, evacuation orders, loss of jobs due to the destruction of businesses and to having to rebuild homes and/or businesses.

Costs for hotel stays, groceries/food, supplies for families and pets, replacing clothing and necessities, etc. will stretch our members resources.  In addition, many will have financial needs to obtain new or temporary housing or make what was their homes habitable again.

To those members directly impacted, please know we’re here to help – now or later when you have a better idea of what your long-term needs may be. In response to these financial challenges, the EEFCU is offering Loan Extensions (Skip payments) and our special Wildfire Assistance Loan.

If you are a EEFCU member and have been affected call and talk with us. We have a variety of options to help and we are committed to helping you through this difficult time.