Visa Fraud Center Calling…Legit or Not?

You glance at your ringing phone and the number is one you don’t recognize – chances are you let it go to voice mail.  Once you get around to listening to it, the message states it is the Visa Fraud Center, and they are calling regarding possible fraud on your card. They proceed to ask you to return their call…what do you do?

We are all aware of scams and know we should never give anyone our credit or personal information, but what if this call is legit? How do you know?

A legit Fraud Center call, will never ask you for any personal information. They will introduce themselves and let you know they are concerned about possible fraud on your card. They will ask you if the charge or charges that they are concerned with were made by you. If you tell them the charges were in fact made by you, then the call will end. If you did not make the charges, the Fraud Center will let you know they are going to shut off your card and tell you to call us to order you a new card. If a message has been left, a reference number given to use when you return the call. And the process will be the same. If the Fraud Center does not receive a call back, they will automatically turn off your card in an effort to protect you from further potential fraud.

You may also receive a call from the EEFCU if your card number shows up on our daily possible fraud list, but we encourage you to respond to the Fraud Center because they are available 24/7.

What are some possible triggers for a Fraud Call?

– A transaction that is made form out side of the U.S. this can include online purchases, games etc.

– Transactions that seem out of the norm for your usually history – charges for strange amounts, unusual online stores or odd purchases .

– Charges from a variety of different locations.