US Bank’s ATM’s are No Longer Part of MoneyPass Network

MoneyPass LogoUS Bank has recently terminated their participation in the MoneyPass Network. What this means for EEFCU members is that you will no longer be able to deposit checks into US Bank ATM’s and any cash withdrawals or deposits will be charged a FEE. The ATM will display a prompt notifying you of the FEE and asking if you wish to continue.

EEFCU encourages you to use the ATM locator available on our website or on our TouchBanking Mobile App to find a different MoneyPass ATM, or one of the other networks EEFCU participates in (see the back of your debit card for participating networks). The Moneypass ATM locator and the Credit Union ATM Locator (CO-OP), can be found on the Helpful Links page under the Resources Tab on the EEFCU Website. The locator can also be found at the bottom of the TouchBanking Mobile app. These locators are the most up to date information regarding ATM locations.

Remote Deposit Capture offered on the EEFCU TouchBanking Mobile App is a great alternative for depositing checks in lieu of finding a ATM that accepts checks. For more information see the Mobile Banking page on our website.