Think before you Shop Online

While the holidays are a busy time, full of hustle and bustle, holiday cheer, and holiday stress, it is a prime time for less than savory people to target and take advantage of people who are tired, distracted, and in a hurry. Online shopping is no different.

According to Crime-Stoppers  it was projected that in 2016 over 46% of holiday shopping would be done online and 21% of holiday merchandise would be purchased over a smartphone. In addition, in 2015, 1 of every 86 online credit card transactions was a fraudulent attempt. In 2018, one can assume these numbers have substantially increased. That’s a lot of online transactions.

To protect yourself online, remember to only buy from a reputable source with a secure site (look for the https & padlock icon). Make any purchases while on a secure Wi-Fi network. Shopping while enjoying a break at the local coffee house may be enjoyable, the free network is not secure enough to enter your personal information.

Don’t be a target. Be aware of the online sites that you are shopping on, you are your own best defense against scams and fraud. 

Online shopping safety

Picture courtesy of Crime Stoppers Holiday Shopping Tips