example of a fraud text

The EEFCU has had several members receive texts saying their Visa Cards have been temporarily locked. This is a SCAM with a generic message which is trying to get you to click on a link. Do not respond to the message or open any link. The phone number the text originates from may change, but as you can see in the top example, it is not a valid number, there are not 4 digits at the end. In addition if you google the 800 number you are asked to call, it shows the number as spam on several reverse directory sites.

The EEFCU Fraud Center will be much more specific if they reach out to you. As you can see by the bottom example, the message will include the EEFCU name, the last 4 of the card number and ask if your purchase at a certain location is valid.

When in doubt, reach out to the Fraud Center at the phone number listeexample of text messaged on the back of the card, or call us at the EEFCU.