We are here to help you save, and we have a variety of accounts that can help.

Current rates

Regular share account

You have immediate access to your money and can earn up to .05% percent APY.

Young Savers Club

It’s never to early to start savings, so for our young members, those newborn to 16 years of age. A $25 balance is required.


A Children’s Higher Education Fund accounts is meant to be a long-term savings plan and has a higher dividend rate. A $100 balance is required.

Specialty savings accounts

We have special savings accounts to help with save for Tax Reserve, Vacation, Christmas Club, Wedding  or any other reason to help you save for larger expenses that you know are coming.

Share certificates

Certificates in the amounts of $1,000 or more lock in the interest rate in effect at that the time of purchase. No set-up fee is required. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal. You can buy certificates for six months, a year, or as two-year or three-year “bump-up” certificates.


An IRA is a smart, simple way to save for retirement later while saving on your taxes today. You deposit money in an IRA, before income tax is taken out. It is fully insured up to $250,000. We charge no set-up fee and no annual fee. If you wish, we can arrange payroll deduction or automatic transfer of funds into your IRA. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.

Money Market

The Money Market account earns higher dividend rates as you balance increases and as you increase the number of services you have with us. You need a minimum balance of $5,000 to earn a dividend.