Phishing Scam Alert


Scams On The Rise

With the number of recent data breaches of major retailers being disclosed, we are also seeing a
significant increase in the number of “phishing” scams impacted consumers.  Because of these breaches and the ongoing rise in Theft ID, thieves are taking advantage of consumers by calling and texting messages regarding your plastic cards.

Here are some examples:

Automated Phishing Calls

Consumers are receiving automated phone calls from a blocked sources stating that their payment cards have been blocked. Cardholders are asked to enter their full card number and PIN or the CVV number on the back of the card to reactivate their card. If the calls go unanswered a voicemail message is left instructing the consumer to contact a number to reactivate their account.

Text Messages

Text messages referencing compromised cards and suspended accounts are typical. A number is provided within the text message for reactivation. Most messages do not reference a particular financial brand name and the would be thieves want you to respond.

Call Center Contact

Fraudsters are dialing into financial institution call centers and representing themselves as fellow employees to gain valuable account information. These calls may be originating from India and the callers are incredibly pushy and aggressive.


  • Please do not call the potentially fraudulent number.
  • Call your financial institutions with as many details as possible about the text call you receive.  Full telephone numbers including area codes are essential for any telephony scam investigation.
  • Be aware that a series of numbers are often involved in telephony scams.  You may be directed to call a totally different number than the one being used to initiate the scam.
  • Please contact your local federal law enforcement agency for assistance.

Please be aware that the Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union DOES NOT
text alerts to cardholders. Should we or our Fraud Center contact you, you will not be asked to provide personal or card information which we have on file. If you are concerned at all, do not respond or text messages, email alerts or phone calls. Contact Emerald Empire FCU as soon as possible to verify the information before responding.

Thank you.