New Card Activation Program is Here!

EEFCU’s NEW Card Activation and PIN Program is Here!

Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union is excited about our new Card Self-Service activation program. Starting June 30th, this Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows members to activate your EEFCU Visa EMV Debit Card or EEFCU Cash Card by calling a toll-free number 24/7. No more waiting to contact the EEFCU during business hours to activate your card.  AND, in addition, you will be able to pick your own PIN number. No more waiting days for your PIN number to arrive in the mail.  Or, if you can’t remember your PIN number or you want to change it, now it is easy as calling the toll-free number. 

How It Works:

The Card Self-Service toll-free number provides cardholders with a quick, secure, and easy-to-follow method to activae a card and personalize the PIN. With Card Self-Service’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the cardholder has complete control over card activation as well as selecting a PIN, or changing an existing or forgotten PIN.

Follow the instructions on the back to begin the activation process.

Getting Started:

When you receive your new or replacement EEFCU Visa EMV Debit Card or EEFCU ATM Cash Card notice the sticker on the front of the card.

Before calling the 1-800 number listed on the sticker, have the following information ready:

(When activating a card, selecting a PIN, or changing a PIN, 5 of the 6 authorization criteria must be met or authorization will fail)

  1. Call from the phone number you have listed as your “Home, Work, or Cell” number on file at the EEFCU. If the system doesn’t recognize the number, it will fail that part of authorization.
  2. The last 4 of the Social Security /Tax ID Number, that belongs to the PRIMARY member on the account – For example: If Mr and Mrs Smith are Joint on an account but Mr Smith is the Primary (the one listed first), Mr Smith’s SS# is used.
  3. Locate the CV2 number on the back of the card (3 digit number) – does not apply to ATM Cash Cards
  4. The Expiration Date of the Card
  5. Date of Birth – of the PRIMARY Member on the account.
  6. The Zip Code – that is on file at the EEFCU.

Once you have the needed information, call the 800 number listed on the sticker, and follow the instructions to activate the card and select the PIN.

PIN #’s can be changed once per day, so if you forget your PIN, or need to change it, simply call the toll-free number,1-800-992-3808, and change it.