Here’s Why You Need a EEFCU Checking Account

Having a Checking account is essential to joining the financial world – even if you never use a paper check. If you don’t have one, here are some reasons you should consider getting an EEFCU Checking Account.

Keeps your money safe and easily accessible. If you keep all your money stashed at home you may be vulnerable to misplacing it, losing it to theft, or even potential disasters like fire, flood or earthquake. You have easy access through check writing, debit transactions, ATM withdrawals or cash withdrawals at the branch. Your credit union account is insured up to $250,000 NCUA, unlike your mattress or coffee can.

Keeps a record of payments and deposits. If you only use cash, it’s difficult to prove transactions. Unless you keep receipts for every financial interaction a lack of financial records could prove problematic if you need to dispute a mistake or pay taxes. A checking account allows you to keep track of bills, payments made, and deposits received. EEFCU’s Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking along with Free Bill Pay and eStatements gives you easy access to your checking account transactions.

Helps you budget. When you’re spending cash, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending, or takes additional time to categorize, write down and file receipts. A checking account provides you with a record of your spending. Having Online Banking can give you instant access to your account information 24/7.

Getting paid is faster and easier. Sign up for direct deposit so that, rather than waiting for a paper paycheck, you can access your money right away on payday.

Convenient access on your schedule. Take advantage of other convenient benefits, Online banking, Online Bill Pay, VISA EMV Debit Cards, ATM Deposit/Withdrawals, No Monthly Service Fee and No Annual Fee for VISA EMV Debit Card.

Checking accounts aren’t just for writing checks any more, they are a safe and convenient financial way of life. Stop by and open an RGFU Checking Account today.