Having an Account Beneficiary or POD is an Important Addition to Your Account

pen and paperHave you named an Account Beneficiary or Payable(s) on Death (POD) to your EEFCU Account?

When life’s circumstances hit, such as medical emergencies or unexpected deaths, have you designated an individual(s) to handle your account affairs. If you were unable to conduct your credit union business, do you have a Joint Owner on your account or a current Power of Attorney? In case of your passing, have you designated a Payable on Death (POD) to handle your account affairs? At times of crisis, we want to be able to help you or your loved ones to access your funds as you have requested.

Keeping your account current with an accurate Joint Owner named on the account, a copy of your Living Trust on file with us, a designated Payable on Death (POD) listed on your account, or a current Power of Attorney are all important ways you can keep us informed.

When necessary, if we have no information or outdated information, it can create additional challenges. We will not be able to release your funds without hearing from you, or in the event of death until legalities, including possible probate, takes place.

Check with us regarding your account and make any changes needed.  Additionally, make sure we have your current address, phone number and email.