Get Financially Fit

Make 2018 the Year You Take Control of Your Money! Oregon Credit Unions Can Help You Become Financially Fit

Joining a gym, finally taking your dream vacation, or planning to spend more time with the family this year? Why not make financial fitness one of your New Year’s Resolutions, too?  It’s do-able, and the first thing on your list should be to join a credit union.

Because credit unions are not-for-profit, cooperatives, you’re a member—and an owner. Unlike for-profit financial institutions that must pay stockholders, credit unions return benefits back to you, the member. That means you pay lower fees, and get lower interest rates on your loans and credit cards.

Nearly two million Oregonians are member-owners of credit unions. Here’s how that helped their financial fitness last year: *

  • Collectively, their Beaver State credit unions delivered $180.5 million in direct benefits right back to them.
  • That’s an advantage of $107 that each member enjoyed because they banked with a credit union.
  • And every Main Street household with a credit union member, saw benefits of at least $203.
  • Consumers who got their new car loans from an Oregon credit union, are saving an average of $251 in interest during each year of a 60-month, $25,000 loan.
  • The interest rate that Oregon credit unions charge for credit cards, is as much as 5.4 percent lower than rates that profit-driven financial institutions are charging. That means Oregon’s credit union members spent $29 million less of their hard-earned money on credit card interest rates, than bank customers spent.
  • Credit unions cooperate. Most network their ATMS, meaning members have access to their money as they travel. They can use the ATM at almost any credit union, and they don’t have to pay those annoying fees!

Learn more at a credit union.

Most credit unions offer financial education classes to consumers of all ages, in person or online. This includes credit building, retirement planning, and more. Nearly everyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Oregon is eligible to join a credit union. Find out more at

Here at the Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union, we have been serving employees and contract workers of Guard Publishing Company, along with their families, since 1954. In 2010, we changed from a single-sponsor credit union charter to what is called a “multiple common bond charter.” That means we can add other groups of individuals that have a common bond.

If you are part of any of these groups, you are eligible to join:

  • Relative of any current member
  • Employees of Guard Publishing Company
  • Independent contractors of Guard Publishing Company
  • Employees of the Law Office of Donald R. Slayton, Attorney at Law
  • Employees of the Law Office of Alan G. Seligson, Attorney at Law
  • Employees, agents and brokers of Westover 21 Realty Office
  • Employees and contract employees of Eugene Daily News
  • Members of the Confederated Tribe of Grand Ronde
  • Employees and contract employees of Kaminski Construction, LLC
  • Employees and contract employees of Deborah Lynn Leach-Green, Chiropractor
  • Employees of Members Murphy Plywood
  • Employees of Goodwill Industries
  • Employees of Franz Bakery
  • Employees of McKenzie Willamette Medical Center
  • Employees of Oregon Electric
  • Members of McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union

If you are interested in joining our EEFCU family, come by or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your options.

*Source: Informa Research comparing not-for-profit and profit-driven financial institutions’ interest rates and fees in the12 months ending June 30, 2017; National Credit Union Administration and Credit Union National Association