cybercrimesYou may be aware that the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) announced a data breach compromising approximately 3.5 million driver’s licenses and identification card files due to a cyber-attack two weeks ago.  

This notice is to ensure you that your data is secure at Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union. However, we highly encourage you to keep an eye on all of your financial accounts in the coming weeks.  

We suggest members take the following steps to protect themselves:  

  1. Monitor account statements and credit reports for unauthorized activity.  
  2. Report any/all suspicious or unauthorized transactions.  
  3. And, as always, be cautious of phishing attempts – Members should be suspicious of emails, phone calls, or messages from unknown sources asking for personal information.  

By increasing your fraud monitoring efforts, suspicious behavior and unauthorized activity will be easier to uncover.  If you notice any unusual or suspicious behavior in your financial accounts, please contact us at (541) 988-9059 immediately to ensure the safety and integrity of your data is maintained.  If after hours contact the VISA Toll-Free number to: 1-800-472-3272 then notify the EEFCU as soon as possible.

Members can order free credit reports by visiting Members can also place fraud alerts or credit freezes by contacting one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion).  

We take your financial security very seriously and we are diligently monitoring the situation. Thank you for your continued trust and membership with EWEB Employees Federal Credit Union.  

For more information on the Oregon Department of Transportation: MOVEit Data Breach please visit:

If you need to contact any of the three main credit reporting agencies you may do so at: