Fake check scams are on the rise!

checklist of check fraud scamsThe EEFCU has noticed an increase in Fake Check Scams recently. We encourage our members to consider whether a check is valid prior to endorsing and cashing it. Anytime you receive a unexpected check from an person or organization, do your research. Checks from Sweepstakes, Lotteries or Grants are most often fraudulent. Also over-payments for merchandise sold, or a checks from a new online job such as a secret shopper are all potentially scams.  Often these checks require you to cash the check and send money back to them for the over-payment, for taxes and fees, or to someone else.  By the time the check is determined fraudulent, you have already sent or spent the money and now you are owing the Credit Union the money from that check. By endorsing and cashing that check, you are responsible for that transaction and will need to pay the money back. The EEFCU doesn’t want to see our members get scammed, so we encourage you to verify the legitimacy of checks before you cash them.

For more information regarding Check Fraud Scams go to these websites:

Consumer Federation of America: https://consumerfed.org/consumer_info/consumer-tips-fake-check-scams/

National Consumers League: http://www.fakechecks.org/ or https://www.fraud.org/

Federal Trade Commission: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/