DoorDash Data Breach

Data Breach

DoorDash, the food delivery company, recently announced a breach of more than 4.9 million user accounts.  A third party had gained unauthorized access to their user account data on May 14, 2019.  Any users that joined DoorDash on or before April 5, 2018 were potentially comprised.

It appears the information accessed is not sufficient to make fraudulent charges on a payment card, however, in some cases the last four digits of their bank account were accessed, but not the entire number, as well as a number of driver’s license numbers of may delivery contractors. 

DoorDash has stated that the vulnerabilities that lead to this breach have been addressed and secured. 

Emerald Empire FCU encourages our members to check out the DoorDash Website link, set up with the breach information, and follow their recommendations.  In addition, we encourage you, as always, to monitor your accounts and credit reports for any changes or discrepancies.