Do you know someone we could help?

office workersDo you work with someone or have a family member that could benefit from becoming a member of the EEFCU?  Someone looking for a new financial institution, wanting to buy a vehicle, or needing some financial assistance? Are they an immediate family member of yours, or work at one of our Eligible Employer groups? If so, tell them about us. We’d love to meet them.

Here are a few of our Eligible Employer Groups, see our Membership page for complete list.

▪ Employees of Guard Publishing Company or Gateway Media

▪ Retirees/Spouses of Retirees of the Guard Publishing Company receiving retirement benefits

▪ Independent contractors of Gateway Media   ▪   Employees of Murphy Plywood

▪ Members of the Confederated Tribe of Grand Ronde  ▪  Employees of Goodwill Industries

▪ Employees of Franz Bakery  ▪  Employees of McKenzie Willamette Medical Center

▪ Employees and contract employees of Kaminski Construction, LLC

▪ Employees of OMT Mortgage