Debit Cards…The Smart, Debt Free Choice

delivery man and woman using debit cardsWhether your ordering take-out, using a food delivery service , shopping on-line, heading out on the town, or paying bills, debit cards are a smart, debt free choice. A EEFCU VISA EMV Debit Card is an easy, hassle free way to pay.  It is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted but, unlike credit cards, the money comes directly from your checking account. Whatever you are purchasing is bought and paid for immediately.

Debit cards are a great way to manage your spending, access money from an ATM,  get some extra cash back at the grocery store, and stay debt free.  With EEFCU’s Online Banking and Mobile App, you can access and monitor your account balances day or night. 

Open a EEFCU Checking Account and get a EEFCU EMV Debit Card.  NO Annual Fee!

 Start being a “Debitor”, not a Debtor today!