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You may be aware that the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) announced a data breach compromising approximately 3.5 million driver’s licenses and identification card files due to a cyber-attack two weeks ago.   This notice is to ensure you that your data is secure at Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union. However, we highly… Read Full Article »

Vishing scams are increasing across the country

Fraudsters are targeting credit union members throughout the country through a vishing (phone-based phishing) scam.  They are spoofing credit union phone numbers and  posing as a employee in the credit union’s fraud or security department.  The fraudsters tell the members they are calling to verify suspicious debit card transactions and, to verify the members identity, the member’s are… Read Full Article »

Uber Data Breach – Millions of Records Stolen

Uber Total Loss: 57 Million Records Stolen But Data Breach Was Hidden For A Year Uber suffered a data breach more than a year ago, and the address and email information of 57 million people were stolen.  Uber paid off the hackers, who then supposedly deleted the data, but that cannot be confirmed. Watch out for… Read Full Article »

Reminder, Foreign Countries are Blocked.

Reminder, Foreign Countries are Blocked.  This holiday season, the EEFCU expects to see an increase in our members using their Visa EMV for online purchases.  When using your card online,  remember, some websites have their processing sites outside the  United States.  So, while you may think you are ordering from a site based with in the… Read Full Article »

Equifax Data Breach – Steps you can take to protect your information

Equifax, one of the big three U.S. credit bureaus, announced on Thursday, September 7, 2017, that a data breach at the company may have exposed 143 million American consumers’ sensitive personal information. Although Equifax states they found no evidence of unauthorized activity on its core consumer credit reporting database, other information was lost. How does… Read Full Article »