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Get Some Cash Back!

Easy Pre-Approval, Great Rate, & Cash Back! Vehicle Shopping Made Easy with the EEFCU! Before you start shopping for a different vehicle, talk with a EEFCU Loan Officer. Getting pre-approved shows you how much you qualify for and what a monthly payment amount will be. This gives you the advantage when you’re trying to decide… Read Full Article »


No matter what you’re looking for, we have a vehicle loan for that! Talk with one of our loan officers and get pre-approved. Pre-approval lets you know what amount you qualify for, a monthly payment amount, and gives you the  advantage when shopping for a vehicle.  Already have a vehicle loan at another financial lender? … Read Full Article »

We want your loan!

We want your vehicle loan -AND- We will pay you for it! If you are ready to purchase a new or used vehicle, we want to finance it for you. Already have a vehicle loan at another financial institution? We want that too! When you finance though a Dealer your loan may end up at… Read Full Article »

Social Distance – Enjoy some this Summer

Make the most out of the situation. Add some fun to your social distancing with the help of a EEFCU Loan. If you’re ready to do a little summer recreating, call and talk with a Loan Officer about how we can help finance it.

Car Deals…What’s right for you?

You have probably seen a lot of great vehicle deals being offered right now.  Such deals as 0% interest, differed payments, and long term financing can be tempting. These really are great deals for some people, those with upper tier credit scores, secure employment, or someone needing to buy a vehicle right now.  For others,… Read Full Article »

We’ve Got a Deal For You!

The EEFCU wants to give you even a better deal when you choose to finance a vehicle with us. Whether you are buying new, used, car, truck, or van, we want to give you more! Or, how about refinancing your current vehicle if it’s financed elsewhere?  Yep, bring your loan to the EEFCU  and get… Read Full Article »

Life is an Adventure!

Live your life to the fullest!  Get Pre-Approved with one of our Loan Officers Today! Then, Go Enjoy!

Shopping for a New Car? We Can Help!

While we can’t go to the car lot with you, there are things we can do to help you be prepared. Get Pre-Approved for a low interest rate loan so you know what price range and payments are comfortable for you. When you find a car, call us. We can provide a Kelly Blue Book… Read Full Article »

Home Resolutions 2020

A New Year, a New Decade, some New Resolutions. Remodeling, a vacation home, or a home on the road? The EEFCU can help with that. Let’s start planning today.  

A New Vehicle for 2020

A New Year, a New Decade, a New Resolution. If your resolution is a new vehicle, the EEFCU can help with that. Whether its new, used, for work, or play, let’s start planning today.