Car Deals…What’s right for you?

Loan offer You have probably seen a lot of great vehicle deals being offered right now.  Such deals as 0% interest, differed payments, and long term financing can be tempting. These really are great deals for some people, those with upper tier credit scores, secure employment, or someone needing to buy a vehicle right now.  For others, with lower credit scores, whose jobs are in limbo, or those who can’t afford to be tempted, these deals may not be in your best interest.  Often there are disclaimers, exclusions, or hidden costs to these offers. 

Before purchasing a vehicle, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

What interest rate do I really qualify for?

Just because the payments are deferred, is the interest still accumulating?

What makes, models, and features are included? 

Is this the vehicle I really want or is the best for my lifestyle?

Is financing a vehicle for that many years a good choice for me?


Have I talked with a Loan Officer at the EEFCU?

We are offering a Great Vehicle Loan Special right now too. While we can’t offer 0% financing, we can discuss your options, including $75 cash back, No Loan Processing Fee, Competitive Rates and No Payments for 60 days. Let us help you make the right decision for YOU.  Let us get you Pre-Approved for an EEFCU vehicle loan. This way before you start shopping, you will know what your interest and payments will be.  We can also assist you in looking up the value of the vehicle with Kelly Blue Book so you’re sure it’s a good deal.  And we do offer a rate match program

Buying a vehicle is a big decision.  We are prepared to help you, give us a call, 541-988-9059.