We can do more than just cash your check!


Did you become a Emerald Empire FCU member as a convenient way to cash your paychecks?  Or to have your paychecks directly deposited?  Maybe you opened your account strictly for a savings account, or your parents opened it for you when you were young?  Whatever the reason, we are glad you did! 

But, did you know as a member of the EEFCU you have access to a wide range of products and services – all intended to make your financial life a successful one.  If you still have accounts with a traditional bank or other financial institution, you should know that we likely have all of the same services BUT as a general rule, offer them with LOWER or NO fees, LOWER rates on loans, & HIGHER interest rates on savings accounts, money markets and certificates. 

Are you fed up with all the fees you are being charged at other financial institutions?  Fees if you use your checking account too much, or not enough … Monthly charges just to have an account … Fees to do transactions in person, or charges to use an ATM … Fees if your account drops too & charges for this, that or anything else they can think of! The EEFCU offers FREE Checking because we value our members.  We won’t charge you to be our customer. As a member of the EEFCU, you are a part owner because that’s the credit union way. We value your membership!

No monthly fees to use your debit card. No service fees. Surcharge-free CO-OP ATM’S.  Open a EEFCU checking account and start saving money today!

As a full-service lender, EEFCU, offers many loan options for you and does it with the least possible hassle or cost to you.  We understand that our members are all different and have a variety of needs. We can work with you regardless of your situation.  Whether you’re buying your first car or taking out a Home Improvement loan; whether you have amazing credit or need help rebuilding your score; whether you need a little help until payday or are looking at a large purchase,  we have ways to help.  And as your needs change, we’ll continue to be there for you. There’s nothing we like better than to see our members happy and watch them succeed.

So, while we are happy to cash your checks, we invite you to try more!  Why not take advantage of all that the EEFCU has to offer you. Say good-bye to the endless fees and impersonal service and say hello to no random charges, better service & friendly faces at YOUR Credit Union.

Stop by or call our office and check out everything we can do for you!