Buyer Beware – Free Is Not Always Free

LaptopHave you ever responded to a “Free” or “Low Cost” offer Online?  Many of us have and  soon learned that these great deals may not be all that great.   On-line Free Trials or Low-Cost introductory offers often come with automatic renewals. Your initial shipment may only cost the price of shipping but if you do not respond or cancel any further shipments or your subscription by the date the company requires, you may continue to be charged for additional products or services. These renewals and charges are often explained in the “fine” print and are often overlooked. Buyer Beware!  The EEFCU is receiving more and more calls from our members claiming that there are unauthorized charges on their cards, while in reality, by signing up for the “free” service, product, sample trial, etc., they have unknowingly agreed to further purchases. In these cases, all the EEFCU can do is cancel your card and order you another. You have to call the company to try and get reimbursement, ship back products and  officially cancel your request. Please read all ads carefully before you decide to order something on-line, or anywhere that you use your credit or VISA Check (Debit) card to pay.