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Be Aware of Internet Scams and Links Regarding Prince’s Death and the Recent Earthquakes.

With the news that Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead in his home. Internet criminals are already attempting to  exploit his death in a number of ways, so be careful of anything related to Prince’s death: emails, attachments, any social media (especially Facebook), texts on your phone, anything. Think Before You Click!  Also, with the recent earthquakes… Read Full Article »

Financial Fitness starts young – Teach your kids to pump up their savings!

Getting financially fit isn’t easy. But teach children how to pump up their savings and they’ll have one of the most difficult aspects of finance mastered by the time they’re teens -being consistent savers. Here are a few ideas to help your kids get money fit: * Have young children—preschool age—sort different types of money into… Read Full Article »

Are your kids on the right track to financial independence?

For many of today’s young adults, the weakest link lies in learning the basics. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Junior Achievement USA , the number of teens who think their parents don’t spend enough time talking to them about managing money significantly rose (21 percent in 2014 to… Read Full Article »

Teach your kids to be Credit Union Strong!

Throughout the month of April, Credit Unions around the world are participating in a month-long youth celebration focused on the theme of Credit Union Strong. Young people face a bewildering financial landscape in their immediate future—one where technology has made spending as easy as breathing and the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket. That’s… Read Full Article »

Share your family with us!

  We want your family!  If you are member of the EEFCU, your family members are eligible for EEFCU Membership! Your Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren, Siblings….They are all welcome. Talk to them about the benefits of becoming a EEFCU member!  Our great rates, convenient services, and of course the fast and friendly service! For a limited… Read Full Article »


Police have reported an influx of counterfeit $20 bills coming into the Eugene/Springfield area. Police are encouraging people and business to be aware and watch for these bills. The counterfeit bills will differ in paper and ink quality. Police are encouraging business/people to check bills for the security strip that is embedded in the paper… Read Full Article »


      FREE CHECKING The EEFCU believes Checking accounts should be simple, easy and free. No surprises and no fees for doing business with us. No monthly service charge Unlimited check writing No-cost VISA EMU debit card and ATM Cash card Stop by and see just how easy it is to open a checking account today…. Read Full Article »

The FTC encourages consumers to check out Credit Union Membership

Last week during is National Consumer Protection Week, the Federal Trade Commission empowered consumers to be smarter about credit, debt, ID theft, fraud, technology and more. Their website encouraged consumers to consider credit union membership. “Because credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions,” the website notes “their focus is on serving the financial needs of their members… Read Full Article »

For Security…For Convenience…For Free!

When you use Emerald Empire Federal Credit Union’s online banking, you can sign up for E-Statements to access your account statements electronically. Your statements will be available online anytime you need them, in a secure environment that protects your personal information better than sending paper statements through the mail.  Just log on to your on-line… Read Full Article »