Be Aware of a Variety of Scams

scam alert

Be aware of fake calls, texts, and emails claiming to be known companies OR Law Enforcement Agencies, these can be scammers impersonating these agencies. The EEFCU wants to remind you to NEVER give your personal/security information to anyone. We have had many of our members receive communications from “companies” claiming they are being charged for services, or need to contact them regarding their bills or payments, or package delivery information. We have heard of scammers impersonating companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, the Geek Squad, UPS, as well as a variety of others. If you are unsure the correspondence is valid, DO NOT RESPOND. Immediately contact the business directly – NEVER respond clicking a link, answering a text/email, or calling the number on the correspondence. Any phone numbers, emails, or links provided with the correspondence could be part of the scam. INSTEAD look up the phone number for the business yourself, either from a prior bill or a trusted website, and call to verify if they reached out to you.

Law Enforcement Agencies will NOT call and require you to send money, read them your credit card information, or buy gift cards to pay for debts or get out of trouble. They will NOT threaten you or tell you to not discuss this with anyone. In addition, they will  NEVER recruit your assistance in “catching someone” by requesting you to give them money. If in doubt call the police and ask for help.

If you feel your EEFCU information has been compromised, let us know. We can help you make decisions about how to best protect your EEFCU account.