A change is coming. Welcome the Chip!

The EEFCU is excited about the arrival of our EMV Chip Card.  These cards have a embedded computer chip that provides a new layer of security to point-of-sale and ATM transactions when used in chip-enabled card readers.  The cards will have a new design which includes a small chip imbedded in the left side of card.

Card Chip ReaderFor existing EEFCU VISA Check cards that are expiring, you will receive the new EMV card and your PIN will not change.  For members receiving new cards or replacement cards due to loss or fraud, a new PIN will follow within 3-5 business days of receiving your new card.  Activation will continue to be with the EEFCU.

Since this is new technology not all businesses have converted to EMV card readers. If the machine has been updated, you will be instructed to insert the card into the bottom of the machine to continue your check out. If the EMV feature of the equipment is not yet available the EEFCU EMV card has a magnetic strip on the back and your signature or PIN number may still be required.

To protect the use of your card for online activity, register your card with VERIFIED BY VISA.  This free service provides fraud protection when using your card online.  It’s simple and easy, just click here.

The EEFCU is excited about this transition.  You should not notice any changes in the use of the new card and you can now feel even more secure in your transactions with the additional layer of security the new EMV card provides.   If you have any questions give us a call at 541-988-9059.